Thursday 3 December 2020

Transcript: Court of Appeal hearing 3 Dec 2020

This hearing was scheduled to examine the events at the Court of Appeal of 18/19 November 2020. 

On 18 November the barrister Flora Page admitted passing a document called the Clarke Advice to a journalist. On 19 November it transpired her colleague Paul Marshall had passed the same document to the Metropolitan Police. 

The 3 December hearing started with my attempt to ask the court to give me the Clarke Advice, so I could report its contents. This failed.

The rest of the day was taken up listening to counsel for Ms Page and Ms Marshall explain their clients' position. As you will see from the transcript, they were given quite a hard time. The upshot was that any contempt matter should be heard by a different constitution (panel) of judges in the new year.

It states at the top of the transcript (embedded below) that the audio recording of the hearing was poor, so chunks are missing. If you want to read my application for the Clarke Advice, as spoken in court, without gaps, it is here.

After the 3 Dec hearing Paul Marshall stepped down from representing his clients (as Ms Page had done beforehand), stating he felt "disabled from discharging my professional duty to my clients."

If you cannot see the document embedded below, you can read it on Scrib'd, though you may need to log in.


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