Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Pieces by me

Aside from reporting the trial itself (find all those posts and transcripts here), I have posted up a series of news and comment pieces on this blog.

You can find them indexed below, oldest at the bottom, most recent at the top. You can also find them via the exact date they were posted on the right hand nav bar of this website. Happy reading.

Feb 2019:

The Ballad of Paula Vennells
So where are we now? (report on a case management conference and a pre-trial hearing)

Jan 2019:

Justice delayed (waiting for the first trial judgment)
Parliamentary questions (tabled by Gill Furniss - shadow minister for Postal Affairs)
Expert comment menu
Victims' testimony menu
Minister for Postal Affairs states government position on Bates v Post Office
Post Office witnesses in the Common Issues trial
Reading the Common Issues trial
Common Issues Trial menu
The NFSP's latest wheeze
Post Office stops "horrified" MP from talking to staff

Dec 2018:

Paula Vennells' CBE
Talking turkey (how much money I've made from crowdfunding)

Nov 2018:

Oct 2018:

Sep 2018:

Aug 2018: