Friday, August 23, 2019

High Court Judgments

A page dedicated to bringing you all the judgments in the Bates and others v Post Office group litigation.

A pretty thorough bollocking issued to both parties.

Write up (with link to judgment)

The Post Office attempts to selectively tailor the evidence which the court is to consider by asking the judge to strike out witness statements it doesn't like and/or which might lead to adverse publicity. Judge refuses.

Write up (with link to judgment)

180,000 word judgment handed down on 15 March 2019 in the light of the first (Common Issues) trial. Massive win for claimants. Post Office spanked.

Write up (with link to judgment)

Oh the drama. Judge gives reasons as to why he is rejecting the Post Office's recusal application.

Write up (with link to judgment)

In which the judge reveals both parties have managed to spend more than £25m between them on this litigation so far.

No write up.


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