Monday 30 July 2018

A plea for cash

On Saturday 1 September, I'm planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund this blog.

If I raise £3000 I will be able to attend every single day of the class action trial against the Post Office. It is is scheduled to be held over 20 days at the High Court, starting 5 November 2018.  During the trial I will write daily court reports and post them publicly to this website.

There are all sorts of rewards available for backing the kickstarter, including silly selfies, secret updates and a range of events you can participate in.

It is likely that during the trial, significant information about the Post Office, its Subpostmasters and the Horizon IT system will emerge. This information may corroborate the claim that this saga - which has been running for 18 years - "likely represents one of the most widespread miscarriages of justice in the UK this century". It may not.

Either way without a journalist present throughout the trial, crucial evidence could go unreported. Given the low-ish profile of this story so far it is possible I will be the only reporter in court most days.

If you have an interest in this, or just care about public interest journalism and want to bung a couple of quid into the kitty - please donate to the campaign. The rewards start at £1, but essentially I need 150 people to pledge £20 and this thing becomes possible.

If you need further information about this extraordinary and long-running story, please do click on the link above, read around this Post Office Trial website or have a look at my personal blog which has carried a lot of the material I've done on the Post Office Horizon story in the past.

Thanks for reading this far. Please consider backing the kickstarter if you can.