Monday 22 July 2019

Accounts Readable: Part 5 - who dares gins

Another of these occasional looks at how I am spending the money I have crowdfunded.

I thought there's probably enough information to create a graph showing the rate at which I have received and spent money over the past ten months. So here you go!

For a full breakdown of how this graph came about, please have a look at the information below:

1. 23 Dec 2018 - Talking Turkey (total cumulative net income - £10,642.52)
2. 10 Mar 2019 - Money Money Money (total cumulative net income - £11,373.98)
3. 17 Apr 2019 - Sterling Works (total cumulative net income - £13,271.79)
4. 3 June 2019 - At least I've spent less than the Post Office (total cumulative net income - £14,926.56)

Part 5: 22 July 2019 - who dares gins


The money initially came in via Kickstarter (which I used to launch the project) and since October 2018 it has arrived into my "fnng industries llp" account via the "Pay Now" paypal buttons which adorn this website.

The paypal (or as I nearly misspelled it, papal) buttons (alms suppliers?) remain active and usually appear at the bottom of every blog post, in the right hand nav bar of the website and at the bottom of every secret email.

In terms of the latest tally, as of 21 July 2019 I have received £17097 gross (£15,839.44 net) via kickstarter and paypal.

I was also reminded that some time ago (back in February, I think) I received a £100 contribution in cash and a bottle of gin. I think the latter had something to do with me forgetting the former, so it's actually £17197 gross I have received to date and £15,939.44 net. Plus gin.


In terms of expenditure, since my last set of accounts there have been quite a few days spent in court as the Horizon trial came to an end, plus some non-court activity days around them. This means I have burned through a lot of cash.

At my last set of "accounts" (see above), I had spent a total of £9807.92.

Since then I have worked a further 15 days at £250 a day, which is a total of £3750, meaning my cumulative expenditure on this project to date is £13557.92


The remaining amount of cash I have left in the crowdfund kitty is therefore: £15,939.44 - £13557.92 = £2381.52

Happy days

This means that thanks to the munificence of dear friends, acquaintances, interested parties and complete strangers, we're good for now. There's no trial until March 2020 and the remainder in the pot will see me through:

- autumn's Horizon trial judgment
- the decision on whether to allow the common issues trial to be appealed
- a few other case management conferences and admin days.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who has dipped into their pockets to fund this website and my work. It has easily been the most fulfilling journalism project I have been involved with. Your benignancy is humbling.

I will leave you with a request - if you've never donated before and are tempted to do so, please stick to the papal button. Don't give me cash or alcohol. At least, not at the same time.

If you can, please help keep this crowdfunded public-interest journalism project going by chucking a few quid in the tip jar below. Contributors who give £20 or more will start receiving regular "secret" emails which have all the info and gossip about this litigation as it makes its way through the courts. Click here to see how and where your money is being spent.
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