Tuesday 17 December 2019

Peer demands judge-led inquiry into Post Office Horizon fiasco

Lord Arbuthnot
James, now Lord Arbuthnot, former MP for North East Hampshire, reacted to yesterday's High Court judgment by calling for judge-led inquiry into the Horizon fiasco. In a statement issued this morning he said:

“The subpostmasters have been vindicated in every respect.  It is an excellent Christmas present, but won at great cost.  The cost falls partly on the taxpayer but also heavily on the subpostmasters themselves, who will have their damages reduced by the amount the litigation funders will (justifiably) deduct.

“Now that these battles are being won, it is time to turn our attention to how it all came about and went so far.  We need an inquiry and, since the Post Office has repeatedly given inaccurate information including to me, it needs to be led by a judge.  It may be that the best person to conduct the inquiry would be the judge who already has such extensive knowledge of the details, Sir Peter Fraser.  He has done much of the work already."

Lord Arbuthnot led the cross-party parliamentary group of MPs who came together after so many Subpostmasters in their constituencies contacted them begging for help. He remains a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group which looks into matters relating to the Post Office, led by the Labour MP Gill Furniss.

On another note, the Law Gazette has picked up on Sir Peter Fraser's decision to refer the evidence of  Fujitsu employees in the Horizon trial to the Director of Public Prosecutions. There are cans and worms everywhere in this story.

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