Friday 11 December 2020

Transcript: Historic hearing at Southwark Crown Court 11 Dec 2020 - convictions quashed!

This is the transcript to the hearing at Southwark Crown Court on 11 Dec 2020. Six Subpostmaster convictions were quashed, the first to be overturned in the entire Post Office Horizon scandal. The Post Office did not resist the Criminal Cases Review Commission's decision that their prosecutions amounted to an abuse of process. 

The story of the hearing is reported on this website, here

Most notable quote in the transcript below from the judge, who says: 

"I am sure that all of the appellants are grateful for the approach that the Post Office has taken finally to this matter and that it can be put to rest for them."

I am not sure that is true.

If you are unable to see the transcript embedded below, you can read it on Scribd, here.


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Post Office Scandal: Southwark Crown Court Appeal Hearing by Nick Wallis on Scribd