Thursday 27 September 2018

The Big Push

Anyone remotely interested in this kickstarter will know I've decided to push on from my initial target to see if I can reach £12K to report not one, but TWO class action trials. The first is in November and then there is March. Click the kickstarter link here for more details.

I don't want to ask those who have backed me financially to back me again. That's not what this is about.

I am, instead, relying on two things:

a) people spreading the word to those who may not know about this kickstarter project


b) helping me create new, exciting, kickstarter rewards before 15 Oct.

There are already lots of rewards on offer (click on the link), but they're not that quirky or interesting. They are basically emails from me, talks by me, or training from me.

I have limited ability and access.

This is where you might want to come in.

Can you help with/suggest something I can offer as a reward?

It might be that you could offer something which you and I could spend an fun day helping a backer enjoy eg an Afternoon Ice Skating With Darcey Bussell, Potholing With Nick Knowles, a paragliding lesson, 8 hours in A&E, Cake-Making with Gin for Beginners, an hour's PT for free etc etc

This is complicated as it has to tie in with what people have already bought rewards for as I don't want those people to feel short-changed. I also want you to offer something that you want to do that will be fun for you (and not cause you to lose any money), otherwise there's no point.

I will be there to chaperone the backer. Don't worry.

For instance: Let's say you run a miniature railway. If you could offer a backer the opportunity to drive your miniature railway engine, plus give them a behind-the-scenes guided tour, which I could then follow with lunch for you, me and our backer as part of the £x reward price - let's do it.

If nothing else it'll be a chance to catch up whilst a backer gets an opportunity to do or see something they couldn't normally get to do. Everyone wins.

I am already offering an "everyone back to mine" evening for £100 as one of my rewards, which, given we already have a number of wildly disparate backers at that level, could be quite interesting.

So if you can offer to hand over the controls of your commercial jet liner to one of my backers for a few minutes, or perhaps give them a cooking lesson, an hour's legal or financial consultation, or teach them how to swim or juggle and you want to get involved - please get in touch. I would love to hear from you. I would love to hear from you even if you're not serious and just want to post your specialist skill and how much you think it's worth in the comments below.

The best I've got is public speaking/media training or an hour long rib-tickling talk on A Year Without Alcohol/Truth In The News/Powerpoint Paranoia or How to Report a Class Action Trial.

I'm sure there are potential backers out there who would pay a couple of hundred quid to watch you teach them how to defibrillate someone or take apart and rebuild a Triumph motorbike in three hours.

If you want to get involved - email me or use the contact form on this web page. It could be fun. Even if there are no takers, it'll be fun constructing the reward and the price point. You never know. it might press someone's buttons.