Monday 15 October 2018

Funded! And then some. Thank you.

Celebratory cup of tea and gormless expression
Wahey! Thank you to everyone who has backed the kickstarter campaign. It started with a target of £3000 and a lot of trepidation. It finished with 237 backers and at least £9,322 pledged.

This gives me the funding basis to cover both High Court trials. Extraordinary.

A special thanks to those who, having backed this kickstarter themselves, continued to risk annoying their friends and followers by tweeting, forwarding and sharing almost every fundraising email and post I put out. That really meant a lot, and undoubtedly helped considerably.

If you survived the relentless barrage of tweets, emails, linkedin, blog and facebook posts without vowing to never read another word I ever write, or avoid me in the street, I am as surprised as you are.

Now the hard work starts. If you backed the kickstarter there's a lot of admin stuff coming your way so I can sort out your rewards. I'll also start to crank up this blog as the main forum for all things related to the class action, which I should probably start calling a "group litigation", as that's its correct title.

Because I am divvying up the final crowdfunded total between two trials, and because the first trial (and therefore probably the second) is scheduled to run for 20 days over five weeks rather than four (spreading the kitty even thinner), I need to keep working on other commissions right up to the trial start date. All pre-trial and post-trial work will therefore be done in my own time.

Right, I am turning in for the evening. Very happy, very grateful and possibly a touch emotional. Thank you again.