Saturday 24 November 2018

Bates v Post Office: Internal Post Office email chain "she is questioning the integrity of Horizon"

Great email chain. Sample quotes:

"I think we need to... go and see what the ex-spmr is holding. I think this is going to be a very onerous task, but I can't see how we can let this one go considering she is questioning the integrity of Horizon."

"We are talking about £28k, a potential flag case, with MP's involved. The spmr is questioning the integrity of Horizon... it looks like there are numerous activities that have taken place, including somebody sending in an auditor who sat with the spmr for half a day which clearly made matters worse... I don't know why we were never approached to deal with this as a criminal investigation in the first instance, perhaps it was felt that it wasn't at the time. The auditor supposedly witness all transactions for half a day and witness Horizon being short, thereby corroborating her account and also now a potential witness for her... She has also joined the spmr's fight to question the integrity of Horizon. As it stands no investigation has taken place by us, various intervention has probably complicated this, yet because it is a question of Horizon integrity we can't simply ignore it, or drop it"  [my italics]

Read it below: