Tuesday 24 December 2019

Paula Vennells apologises for the first time

Paula Vennells
Quite a scoop from the Daily Mail - two days after telling the newspaper she would not apologise to Subpostmasters, former Post Office CEO Paula Vennells has changed her mind.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Ms Vennells says:

"It was and remains a source of great regret to me that these colleagues and their families were affected over so many years. I am truly sorry we were unable to find both a solution and a resolution outside of litigation and for the distress this caused."

Read the full story here. Tom Witherow has done some excellent reporting.

Read the charge sheet against Paula Vennells I wrote up the week she announced her departure from the Post Office back in February this year. This was before the first trial judgment landed.

The Sunday Times wrote a thorough shredding of Ms Vennells approach to the whole saga a couple of days ago. Read it here (££).

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